5 Tips to Instantly Look Younger

5 Tips to Instantly Look Younger

By: Holly Case, Freelance Writer and Mom of Three Boys

While you can be beautiful at any age, most people believe youth equals beauty. While we shouldn’t try to look like we’re teenagers forever, we can still look our best at any age. There may not be a fountain of youth, but you can fake it with a few good strategies.

Get More Sleep

Sleep deprivation affects more than just your mood and your health—it also makes you look much older than you are. That’s because a lack of sleep robs your skin of moisture, reduces cell turnover, and causes dark circles under your eyes. Simply getting an extra hour of sleep each night could make you look younger and more refreshed.

Drink More Water

Moisture is a key part of looking young. As we get older, our skin naturally becomes drier and loses that healthy, plump, youthful appearance. Lotions and moisturizers applied to our skin can help, but it needs to be approached from the inside out, too. Most women are at least slightly dehydrated. Drinking more water will ensure your skin gets the moisture it needs. (Coffee doesn’t count!)

Stop Tanning

If you’re still soaking up the sun or going to the tanning salon, it’s having an aging effect on your skin. You may not be able to see the effects of sun damage with the naked eye yet, but you eventually will see premature wrinkles and dark spots. Use sunscreen whenever you’re outside. Still love the look of a tan glow? Try self-tanners—they look much more natural than they once did.

Revisit Your Makeup and Hairstyle

Most women have a signature look that they stick with for years. But as we get older, we need to revisit what looks most attractive on us. We may need a mini-makeover or consultation with a beauty expert. Severe hairstyles and makeup and hair colors that are too light or too dark can be less flattering. You might benefit from a bit of an update, but it doesn’t have to be drastic.

Use the Right Kind of Makeup

Artful contouring can fake the appearance of an eye lift if our eyelids have started getting droopy. Concealer becomes your best friend to cover up the dark circles that appear as we get older. And a pink or golden primer under makeup can instantly brighten your skin, making you look healthier and younger.

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