Hair Regeneres Frequently Asked Questions

What is SeroVital Hair Regeneres?

SeroVital Hair Regeneres is a two-part hair renewal system specifically designed to combat the effects of aging hair. The Hair Renewal Softgels and the Advanced Hair Thickening Serum work hand in hand to give you thicker, fuller, more youthful-looking hair. This powerful system reduces age-related hair loss, lengthens the growth phase of existing hair, strengthens and reduces breakage, improves brightness and luster… even significantly reverses graying!*

What benefits can I expect from using Hair Regeneres?

Hair Renewal Softgels is formulated to:

  • Significantly reverse hair graying*
  • Reduce age-related hair loss*
  • Lengthen the growth phase of existing hair*
  • Reduce breakage
  • Improve brightness

Advanced Hair Thickening Serum is formulated to:

  • Fight graying
  • Optimize the scalp environment
  • Make hair look thicker and fuller with our unique anchoring complex
Who should use Hair Regeneres?

SeroVital Hair Regeneres is designed to help anyone (male or female, 18 years old or older) who struggles with weak, dull, thin, or graying hair.

Is Hair Regeneres safe for men and women?

Yes. The key ingredients in both Hair Regeneres formulas were shown to be clinically effective for both men and women. The ingredients in both formulas have a safe history of use in healthy adults.

How do I use Hair Regeneres?

The two-part kit works synergistically to improve results and target hair issues from the outside in and inside out. For remarkable hair-renewing results, adults take 2 Hair Renewal Softgels daily in the morning with breakfast. For thicker, fuller-looking hair, apply one dropper full of the serum to the scalp, once daily, at night. Gently massage into the scalp using your fingertips until absorbed. Then give your hair a little fluff, and that's it! Use both products every day.

How do both parts work together?

The two parts work together to address different aspects of aging hair. The Hair Renewal Softgels is a dietary supplement that contains a proprietary, exclusive ingredient to significantly reverse graying.* No other formulation on the market offers dye-free, gray-reversing benefits. A patented extraction process makes the formula highly bioavailable. The Advanced Hair Thickening Serum targets the root directly with raspberry ketone and a unique vitamin-bearing peptide. It helps reduce hair fall due to breakage, invigorates the scalp, and optimizes the scalp environment. The serum also helps supercharge the results you get from the dietary supplement.

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for Hair Regeneres?

Are you getting older? Is your hair gray and dull looking? Does age-related hair loss run in your family? If so, the Hair Regeneres system is for you! A youthful head of hair is just what you need to look younger and more vital, look and feel more attractive, and give you confidence that translates into every part of your life!

Can I use Hair Regeneres if I'm not losing my hair? Will it improve my already healthy hair?

Yes, you can take Hair Regeneres to improve or maintain your already healthy hair.

Is Hair Regeneres for men or women?

Both! Clinical studies of the key compounds in Hair Regeneres were performed on both men and women, with impressive results for both.

I color my hair. Can I still use Hair Regeneres?

Hair Regeneres is ideal for all hair types and all hair colors.

Will Hair Regeneres interfere with my hairstyling products?

You will be able to style and care for your hair just as you did before beginning the two-part revitalization process. Your hair can be curled, dyed, straightened, ironed, and styled using all the same styling products you love.

Will the serum make my hair feel oily?

No! The easy-to-use serum is completely non-greasy and has a light, clean scent. It does not need to be washed out.

When can I expect to see results?

Test subjects saw dramatic results in as few as 60 days. Profound results were seen at the 120-day mark.

How does Hair Regeneres significantly reverse hair graying?

The unique ingredients in our hair renewal system work to stimulate the melanocytes in the roots of your hair to improve color production and decrease graying over time.*

Is Hair Regeneres gluten-free?

The SeroVital Hair Regeneres system is gluten-free and dairy free. It is lab tested and contains no artificial dyes. Hair Regeneres adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices and follows all FDA guidelines for dietary supplements.

Who is SanMedica International?

SanMedica International, maker of SeroVital Hair Regeneres, is a nutraceutical company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We create one-of-a-kind dietary supplements, as well as hair and skin-care formulas to improve your lifestyle. We want our products to make an impact and improve your life. We have a passion for bringing science to life. The scientists we work with directly constantly research to find solutions that create a better life for our customers. We strive to attain the best customer service possible and are here to support you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach our friendly Customer Service Team at 1-800-898-5153 Monday-Friday from 6 am-6 pm Mountain Time, or 8 am-4 pm Saturday. You can also reach us by email at

When will I receive my order?

We ship Monday through Friday and often ship within 24 hours upon receiving your order. Standard shipping takes between 5-10 business days within the U.S., depending on your location. Express shipping is available upon request. You can always reach our friendly Customer Service Team by calling 1-800-898-5153, and we can look up your order and shipping status for you.