Clinically Validated Ingredients. Significantly Reversed Graying*.

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Less shedding and hair fall*

A clinical trial was conducted over 90 days to test the effectiveness of the key compound in our Hair Renewal Softgels.

Subjects' hair strength was tested using a pull test. After taking the key softgel compound for 90 days, subjects experienced significantly less hair fall compared to placebo*.


Rate of hair fall vs. placebo

Placebo Group
Subjects Using Key Compound 38.9% LESS
60 Days
Placebo Group
Subjects Using Key Compound 46.6% LESS
90 Days

Improved growth of existing hair*

Day 90: Subjects supplementing with the key compound in SeroVital’s Hair Renewal Softgels saw a 9.2% increase in their anagen-to-telogen (growing vs. not growing) ratio compared to those taking the placebo.*

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Reduced hair breakage*

Subjects' hair was tested by a machine that evaluates tensile strength – how likely hair is to break under force.

After just 90 days of taking the key compound in SeroVital’s Hair Renewal Softgels, subjects' hair was significantly strengthened.

Strengthening the hair leads to less breakage and more hair volume.*

Improved hair appearance

A licensed dermatologist scored hair brightness and luster. 47.1% of participants saw improvements in both areas after 90 days compared to placebo.

Improvement in overall hair appearance vs. placebo


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