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An independent cross-over, placebo-controlled randomized study saw a mean 8x increase in GH (growth hormone) over baseline levels 120 minutes after taking SeroVital-hgh*. Read more about this amazing hGH supplement!
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We all know that hGH has been called the "fountain of youth," but you're probably asking what results you'll see from taking this product to naturally increase your hGH levels. Don't take our word for it, read what our customers are saying about SeroVital-hgh!"
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It's no surprise the media has jumped all over this product. hGH is well known for its benefits and has been featured on TV shows like Dr. Oz, The Doctors, The Today Show, CNN, Fox News, and many, many more...


Dr. Amy Heaton, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs for SanMedica International, says: "THERE ARE THREE"
  • .01"First, as with hGH injections, SeroVital is not a 'magic bullet,' but one part of a healthy lifestyle choice including a sensible diet and exercise regimen."
  • .02"Second, for proper absorption, you have to take SeroVital-hgh on an empty stomach. That means you either have to take it first thing in the morning and then not eat anything for two hours, or take it at night, at least two hours after your last meal... before you go to bed."
  • .03"And last but not least, while SeroVital is far less expensive than prescription hGH injections, it's still not cheap. SeroVital will cost you about $100 a month."

So what exactly is hGH? hGH is a single chain peptide hormone that's manufactured deep within the brain... in the pituitary gland. It's released into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body. It passes into your fat cells and can actually cause them to shrink. It enters your muscle cells, stimulating lean muscle growth so you look more tight and toned, even if you haven't been working out. When it reaches the skin it maintains healthy blood flow, ramps up collagen production and strengthens the underlying substructure of the skin's critical architecture, keeping your skin firm, tight and smooth, which is why so many experts call hGH the "youth" hormone ... and why some believe it's the key to combatting aging.

The controversy The controversy isn’t over whether or not hGH plays an essential role in our health and aging (virtually everyone already agrees on that). Instead, the controversy lies in the best way to maintain our body’s supply of human growth hormone. Until recently, most felt the best way was through expensive prescription injections (although costs can run as high as $1500 per month). However, some experts argue against the use of these synthetic injections, because they fear introducing synthetic hGH into the body may upset natural hGH production.

The breakthrough Because of growth hormone’s potential, researchers have spent the last thirty years searching for a reliable, clinically proven way to promote pituitary health, thereby increasing human growth hormone levels naturally. So it’s no surprise that when an oral compound capable of increasing mean, endogenous, bioactive, serum (blood) growth hormone levels... by 682%...* was presented at the prestigious Obesity Society’s 30th Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, The Academy of Women’s Health’s 21st Annual Congress in Washington, D.C., and then again at The 9th World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology held in Athens, Greece, it created a serious stir.

Thanks to the release of SeroVital, the hGH revolution has finally arrived. Now that there’s an easy-to-swallow capsule that can raise growth hormone naturally, an awful lot of people have stopped asking if they should be increasing their hGH levels and started asking which hGH-boosting option is right for them. However, make no mistake about it, the “established” medical community (and of course, they know everything) would say its benefits are largely anecdotal, with research that’s preliminary. But there’s no denying that something that has a chance of making you look and feel decades, not years, but DECADES, younger, is... at the very least... irresistible.

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