What are the effects of low hGH levels? Here are 8 signs

Throughout your adult life, you’ve always felt confident and strong. You faced challenges, you kept yourself healthy, you powered through. But now don’t quite feel like yourself. You’re tired and unsettled. It could be the issues you’re facing are related to low hGH levels. As we age, our levels of hGH decline, and as a result we could not feel as young and vibrant as we used to.

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Here are 8 signs of low hGH levels:

  1. More wrinkles
If there’s one thing that signals the passage of time more than anything, it’s changes in our skin tone and texture. Do you look in the mirror and not recognize yourself? Do you pass by a reflective window and wonder, Who’s that old woman? It could be because your skin no longer has the healthful and youthful glow it once had, and these changes on the surface can start from within.
  1. Thin skin
Our skin thins as we age, and this creates a host of issues in addition to wrinkles and sagging. Thin skin is more prone to showing signs of damage from everyday activities. You scratch your arm because it itches, or your dog paws at your arm, and later you see ugly bruise-like blotches on your skin. When did everyday living start leaving visible marks?
  1. Less energy
You’re tired all the time, and it seems like you have no energy. A full day at the office seems like a week (especially if it’s a Monday). When you get home, your husband wants to go out on the town, or your children want you to babysit your grandkids – and you just can’t face it. It seems like too much to handle. Boosting hGH levels can boost energy levels, too.
  1. Trouble with weight
You eat the same amount of food you always did, and you do your best to stay active. But the weight is accumulating more easily than it used to – especially around your middle. When did your jeans become this tight? Are you going to have to buy mom jeans? You don’t want those.
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  1. Cognitive issues
You make plans to meet your best friend at the restaurant at 1, but you show up at noon and wonder where she is. You promise your boss you’ll have that report done by Friday, but Friday comes and you wonder what report she is talking about. It happens. Brain fog. Memory trouble. These common side effects of aging can make us feel like we’re not operating at 100 percent.
  1. Low libido
Are you just not feeling the desire you used to feel for your significant other? Does a romantic evening together sound rather unappealing? It can be difficult to maintain a close and loving relationship when you don’t feel like being physically close and loving.
  1. Less stamina
You’ve always loved hiking. You have a favorite trail that you used to hike regularly, and you’ve always make it to the summit without trouble. You could go for miles without a break. Now it feels like you have to stop and rest every few yards! You want to enjoy the outdoors like you used to. Of course you can still make it to the top – but it’s a lot harder now, and that’s taking the enjoyment out of one of your favorite activities.
  1. More stress
You pride yourself on being the kind of person who can take anything life throws at them. But now you’re feeling anxious and stressed. It used to be that when you faced those bumps in the road – small stresses or bigger problems – you did what needed to be done and overcame all obstacles. Now it seems those obstacles can flatten you. Sometimes you feel you can’t cope with it all. These are signs of aging we all face. Our bodies, minds, and emotions are changing. It could be that lower hGH levels are the reason we don’t feel like ourselves anymore.