Buff, Tough, and Beautiful

Is it just us or are more women choosing to go (and stay) buff, tough, and beautiful? Building muscle mass used to be a guy-dominated area of interest. But the days of waif-like body ideals are over, and women of all ages are discovering that sculpted can be sexy. Bringing SeroVital® or SeroVital ADVANCED dietary supplement into the mix can help with these efforts. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re on the road to looking your best:

Get a Guide

Remember, personal trainers are there for everyone. When you’re starting on a journey to dramatically changing your physique, you’re going to need someone by your side to make sure you’re doing it safely. Cardiovascular activity is key, but so is strength training. You’ll definitely want someone to help you wade through the machines or free weights at the local gym. You can focus on a particular part of your body or overall toning, but a trainer will make sure that enhanced activity doesn’t lead to injuries.

Out and About

Muscles aren’t just made in the gym! Going out for a walk or jog at the local park, swimming, tennis, skiing, rock climbing – all are beneficial exercise for getting a lean physique. Just aim for 30 minutes at least five times a week. That will give you a good indicator of how your body handles the extra stress and what makes you feel (and look!) your best.


According to a report presented at the American Physiological Society annual meeting in 2018, people who drink more water post-workout reap more cognitive health benefits of exercise. Dehydration just gets in the way of workout performance. So having your water bottle handy is not just a good idea for those sculpted abs; it will also enhance your mental clarity after a good sweat session.

Sync Up with SeroVital

Still taking your SeroVital ADVANCED packets? Consistency is key to best results. By their second month, users find they’ve experienced weight loss and increased energy. With exercise and SeroVital ADVANCED, you’re already on your way to a sleeker, stronger, sexier you.

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