Feel the Fullness

“I want thinner hair,” said no one ever. As long as women have felt the unexplainable joy of hair bouncing on their shoulders or swinging down their backs, they’ve sought out ways to make their hair fuller, stronger, and more vital. SeroVital Hair Regeneres is now the best option for getting the fullness of your dreams. The clinically validated Chromavivä actually helps you extend the growth phase of your existing hair. But what should you do while you wait for the product to work its magic (most Chromavivä users experienced profound results in 120 days) or even after you start experiencing the beautiful results? Try one of these hair hacks and you’ll be looking luscious in no time!

From Beginning to Ends

Conditioner is probably already a part of your hair routine, but a thickening conditioner on your ends can add some much-needed bounce to these bits. We love Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening Conditioner because it works on fine to medium hair, but feel free to choose your own power potions. Remember: nothing on the roots! The last thing you want is something to weigh down your hair while SeroVital Hair Regeneres builds your hair back to its crowning glory.

Tease to Please

Ladies with lots of hair know that they still need a dollop of mousse to make that delicious density. A lightweight mousse works best. Try Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam for a big bounce. Rub it in from roots to ends and – voila! – instant depth. Just remember that SeroVital Hair Regeneres is going to be reducing routine breakage and hair fall, so play around with the amount you use.

Just Braid It, Baby

Want a style that speaks volume? Try putting in a loose braid with a bit of texturizer. Tease apart the sections with some texturizing powder and you’ll give the illusion of bigger, bolder strands. We like Sexy Hair’s Powder Play for the best teasable tresses.

Those Gurls with Their Curls

You know the hairstyle every starlet on the red carpet seems to sport – straight on top with long cascading waves? There’s a reason. Dubbed “Hollywood Glam Waves,” they’re a throwback to Old Hollywood bombshells who knew how the proper hair flip could silence a room. It’s also a tried-and-true way to make thinner hair look more voluminous.

  1. Make a deep part on the side. Leave out one strand and clip the rest of your hair out of your way.
  2. Using a 1-inch barrel curling iron, curl each strand toward your face. Hit it with a blast of hairspray upon release.
  3. After working your way around your head, strand by strand, use a paddle brush to soften the curls and tease the roots at the front. That’s it!

You’re already on the right track by choosing SeroVital Hair Regeneres and a SeroVital life. Your hair is going to feel fuller, thicker, and more youthful in no time. Thin, graying hair is part of your past… not your future.

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