Formulating the Best Beauty Supplements and Skincare Products in the Industry

With cutting-edge research, clinically validated ingredients, and category-defining formulas, we’ve developed an entirely new approach to redefining aging. Here’s how we do it.

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We Solve Problems with Science

Science is at the core of everything we do, and it has been since SeroVital® was founded in 2012. The company began with our flagship formula, the anti-aging and beauty supplement that boosts natural human growth hormone (hGH) production to more youthful levels.* This formula was developed with a team of world-renowned experts and was the culmination of more than 25 years of aging research.

SeroVital is backed by 4 clinical trials. The formula is so unique it’s been granted 15 US and international patents, and it created a new category in the beauty industry: well beauty. It’s become enormously popular, with over 6 million sold.

As we’ve built on the success of this original formula, we’ve stayed true to our roots. Every beauty supplement and skincare product we’ve added to our line has been developed using rigorous science designed to solve real problems for our customers.

How We Formulate

We Only Choose Clinically Validated Key Ingredients

Whether for skincare or supplements, we make sure our key ingredients work. If it isn’t scientifically supported to be safe and highly effective, we’re not interested.

In addition, our research team is very picky about the quality of ingredients that go into our products. The ingredients we use meet the serving and form to match the scientific research. We also establish both the potency and purity of our ingredients.

One standard that really sets our products apart is ensuring that our functional ingredients are backed with reliable scientific evidence. For example, we consider possible confounding variables such as baseline conditions, population, seasonality, other product usage, etc., because studying certain outcomes without appropriate controls may show results that can’t be confidently attributed to the test compound itself.

Ultimately, in order to develop quality products, we scrutinize the clinical research, collaborate with top experts in the field, and take the unique characteristics of our key ingredients into consideration to validate our product claims.

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We Combine Effective with Feel-Good

For our skincare products, we definitely focus on effectiveness. But we also want them to feel incredible on your skin. We customize our own technology–Epidermal Cushioning Technology™–for each skincare formula in order to make that happen.

This technology serves a dual purpose. First, it allows us to develop formulas with powerful ingredients. On their own, these ingredients could be harsh and irritating to the skin. However, with Epidermal Cushioning Technology, they’re delivered in a way that comforts the skin, while still being potent.

Second, Epidermal Cushioning Technology impacts the way each formula feels. Our products have amazing textures that feel smooth and velvety on your skin. You’ll love how they feel just as much as you love how they make your skin look.


We Take a Whole-Self Approach

We realize the power that comes from nourishing the body both inside and out. That’s why we offer both supplements and topical skincare formulas.

Our supplements work at the cellular level to help renew and revitalize your body from the inside-out. Whether you’re using our original SeroVital formula to boost the body’s natural production of human growth hormone (hGH), SeroVital ADVANCED–which boosts hGH as well as providing added ingredients for skin, mood, focus, and metabolism–Hair Regeneres for thicker, fuller-looking hair, lashes, and brows, or any other of our supplements, you can feel confident knowing you’re taking a science-backed formula designed to enhance your life.

Our skincare formulas work from the outside-in. They’re designed to visibly transform skin, without needles or expensive clinic visits. “Our goal has always been to take a very specific problem/solution approach,” says Amy Heaton, PhD, our Director of Scientific Affairs. “When our customers began requesting skincare products to go along with our supplements, we weren’t interested in giving them just another moisturizer. Instead, we listened, researched the top skincare concerns these women were experiencing, then developed solutions.”

At SeroVital, we love clinical research. We love learning about how unique ingredients can improve lives. And we love bringing that science to life in the form of skin- and body-rejuvenating solutions that let our customers live the life they want.