How to Extend Your Summer Glow

Blond woman looking in a mirror applying bronzer

By Jae Curtis

Picture this: You’ve had the best summer reading by the pool, spending time outside with your family, and soaking up all the sun and good vibes. Naturally, you’ve also scored gorgeous summer skin from keeping your makeup natural, embracing a laid-back style, and enjoying everything the season has to offer. When the temperatures start dropping and it’s more pumpkin spice than pina colada, it’s sad to see that healthy summer glow start to fade. But who says it has to? Use these tips to extend it for as long as you can.

Try Self-Tanner

You might have tried self-tanner before and ended up with orange hands and streaky legs. But today’s formulas are much more forgiving than self-tanners of the past. Here’s what to look for when choosing a self-tanner:

  • Opt for a mousse-based product, which is much easier to apply evenly compared to a cream or a spray.
  • Start with the lightest shade. You can always apply a second time or choose a darker formula later, but starting too dark can look unnatural and it can take 7-10 days to wear off.
  • Choose a self-tanner with a green base. It might sound counterintuitive, but a green base can counteract that dreaded orange tone that results from traditional self-tanners.
  • Apply your tanner with a tanning mitt. It has microfiber for even distribution and helps you avoid those telltale darker palms.

Stay Moisturized

One big reason you lose your summer glow so fast once the weather cools down is from dry skin. Cold weather dries out your skin, leaving it looking dull and flaky. Moisturizer is your most important ally in getting your summer glow to extend its stay by locking in hydration. Hyaluronic acid is one of our favorite hydrators, and our TriHydrate Concentrate contains 3% multi-molecular hyaluronic acid to target deeper epidermal layers for advanced hydration.

Bottles of TriHydrate lying on a white background with serum bubbles

Brush On Some Bronzer

Eventually, your natural summer glow will start to fade as you settle into the reality of cooler weather and changing seasons. Still, there’s no reason to completely close the book on those breezy summer vibes you love. Invest in a shimmery, multipurpose bronzer for a kiss of glow all year round. Choose one that has microfine shimmer to keep the look natural, then apply it just above your cheekbones, on your decolletage, and even down the front of your legs if you’re planning on wearing a dress or skirt. The shimmer reflects light, so you look youthful and healthy no matter what time of year it is.

Use Fragrance

Finally, one of the most underrated ways to extend your summer glow is to use fragrance to invoke memories of the sun, sand, and summer nights. We love using an oil-based fragrance, as it glistens on the skin and you can apply it to your hair without worrying about it drying out. Look for summer scents with notes of vanilla, coconut, citrus, and sandalwood. Even when your summer glow starts to fade, you’ll keep the feeling of summer all year long.