Outsmart Breakouts

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By Julie Williamson

You’re no novice when it comes to a good skincare regimen. You’ve been around the beauty block a few times by now, right? So why are you dealing with skin breakouts as an adult? Blemishes can be every bit as frustrating now as they were when you were a teen. So, what can you do? We’ll help you outsmart breakouts in this article.

The Obvious Must-Dos to Avoid Skin Breakouts

Wash your face: Dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and oil can build up on your skin, causing pores to become clogged and infected and resulting in a pimple or blackhead. A high-quality facial cleanser used twice a day will help keep the surface of your skin clean and reduce buildup. And, of course, always remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Don’t touch! Try to keep your hands away from your face. You could transfer dirt or bacteria from your fingers to your skin. Pay attention to other culprits that touch your face, too, like your cellphone, headset, or the styling products you use on your hair.

Moisturize: Using a moisturizer helps regulate the skin’s oil production. Make sure to use a formula made specifically for the face, not a heavier body lotion or cream. And be careful not to over-moisturize. If you use too much, your skin will absorb what it needs and then the excess product may just sit there on top of your skin, making a nice sticky surface for dirt and bacteria to adhere to. Apply the amount recommended on your moisturizer (typically a dime- or nickel-sized amount) and rub it into your skin gently but completely. Another way to hydrate your skin is to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause skin to look red and inflamed.

Eat healthful foods: There is no evidence that specific foods, such as chocolate, cause acne. But food affects blood sugar levels, which affects insulin, which affects how your body regulates oil production.

The Not-So-Obvious Blemish Causers

So, what happens when you follow the above guidelines and still have skin breakouts? Let’s look at some sneaky ways you might be subject to skincare sabotage.

Stress: Who isn’t feeling massive amounts of stress these days? Stress doesn’t just make you feel less than your best – it can also make you look like you’re feeling less than your best! Stress wreaks havoc on your complexion in a host of ways. 

  • Stress can weaken the skin’s epidermal barrier – the top layer of skin – making it harder for skin to hold onto moisture
  • It slows wound healing, so that little wound – the pimple on the end of your nose – isn’t going to heal as fast as it normally would
  • You sweat more, which promotes clogged pores
  • Stress boosts oil production
  • It can increase breakouts

Hormones: Hormonal changes can wreak havoc on your body. Menstruation, menopause, contraceptives, pregnancy, and a host of other things can cause your body’s hormones to fluctuate, which can affect your skin. 

  • Hormonal changes can increase oil production
  • Skin can become drier 
  • Skin can appear more inflamed

If you’re struggling with skin breakouts and suspect stress and hormones could be playing a role, we have a solution. ClearBalance is a powerful formula with clinically validated ingredients for reducing stress and improving the skin. 

  • Zinc: Reduces blemishes for a clearer complexion. 
  • Myo-inositol: Supports hormonal balance.
  • Phytoceramide Complex: Improves hydration, rough skin texture, barrier function, and elasticity. 
  • Melon Extract: Reduces physical and mental fatigue and reduces stress. 
  • L-theanine: Offers rapid stress relief.

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