Overcoming Obstacles to Good Health

So, it’s February. Welcome to the second month of the year: the four weeks that include both National Fairy Tale Day and Valentine’s Day. See the connection?

Every year, millions of people vow to achieve good health by making better choices. (“Once upon a time there was a woman who quickly and easily dropped 30 pounds…”). But most of us will have strayed from this vow long before the influx of chocolates in heart-shaped boxes. What if we all changed our stories and managed to overcome obstacles to good health? Read on for some easy, beneficial ideas to incorporate into your daily routine.

Mornings are key to embracing health because they set the tone for your day, and small changes can bring big results. Tomorrow, instead of gulping down coffee first thing, fill your mug with replenishing water and enjoy that before pouring the java. According to Medical News Today, not only will water rehydrate you, it also flushes toxins, boosts your metabolism, lubricates joints, and is great for the skin (https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/290814.php). Cheers!

In the afternoon, reconsider your lunchtime. Fast food (or no food) saves time, but at what cost? Make the decision to choose food that truly will nourish your body instead of just filling it up. Protein is a great choice as it positively affects just about every cell in your body. It also reduces your level of the hunger hormone ghrelin, and boosts peptide YY, the hormone that makes you feel full (https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/10-reasons-to-eat-more-protein#section1). Consider a green salad with added protein such as chicken or salmon. You’ll love yourself for it, we promise.

As the sun goes down, don’t let your resolve go with it. For many people, this is a “witching hour” time of day that begins with a cocktail (or two) and ends with a bowl of ice cream (or two). Stay strong! Switch out your glass of wine for seltzer water with a splash of an antioxidant-rich juice such as blueberry or pomegranate juice. (Embrace antioxidants, as they offer the best protection against damage caused by free radicals, which are naturally occurring unstable molecules.) And, hard as it may be, resist the ice cream. Yes, it’s delicious, but you’ll regret it later.

If you’re working to overcome health obstacles, consider making SeroVital ADVANCED part of your plan. Incorporating these anti-aging, healthful supplements into your routine will deliver the results that so many of us are seeking: improved energy, weight loss, more radiant skin, and better sleep. But, as with any health plan, it will take dedication and persistence: longer use may lead to superior results.

Happy February, dear reader! We wish you the fortitude to make decisions that will lead to your own happily ever after.

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