Reclaim Your Vitality

“10 Things Older Women Should Never Wear.”

“Makeup Blunders That Make You Look Old.”

We’ve all probably seen articles with titles like these, and they can make a person feel, well, not young.

My advice: keep scrolling without giving those shaming pieces a second thought. Much more important than how you look is how you feel. Ideally, your answer includes words such as “energetic,” “vibrant,” and “spirited.” Below are a few ways to increase these feelings and reclaim your youth.

Yoga, Baby!

Lying on a mat with the lighting dimmed? Talk about feeling like a kid again! Yoga provides the perfect exercise for many people of all ages, as it emphasizes balance: one class will increase your heart rate with Sun Salutations, but also make you rest during Shavasana. After spending time in postures with names such as Child’s Pose and Happy Baby, it’s hard not to leave a class with a spring in your step.


Go ahead and laugh like you did when you were in the way-way back of the station wagon with your best friend. Science has shown us that a good guffaw lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, improves the immune system, and enhances the ability to solve problems. But more importantly, it feels really good. Stay connected with your ability to find humor every day, whether it’s a rerun of Seinfeld, your crazy dog’s latest antics, or a raunchy game of Cards Again Humanity.

Sleep Like a Baby

All new parents know about the importance of restful and restorative shut-eye for their little ones, but it’s vital for adults as well. Ideally, our brains cycle through five complete phases during sleep each night. REM (rapid eye movement) sleep occurs about 90 minutes after you nod off, and it’s during this time that your body is energized, memories are stored, and moods are balanced. It follows that a lack of proper slumber will result in feelings of sluggishness and irritability… not to mention really bad under-eye circles.

Blow Out the Candles and Do More Than Wish

Here’s some personal information: I recently had a birthday. Note that I didn’t write that I “celebrated” a birthday… frankly, I wasn’t thrilled. But in the days that have followed, I’ve gotten over myself. I’m feeling grateful to be the age I am and determined to make the most of it. I’m eating a little better (only half an order of avocado toast!), exercising more frequently (I joined a gym!), and making SeroVital® ADVANCED part of my new daily routine. Users of SeroVital ADVANCED have reported boosted energy, improved mood, fewer wrinkles, better sleep, and enhanced focus… gifts for anyone determined to stay vibrant.

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