See what Chief Science Officer Dr. Amy Heaton says in our recent Q&A about SeroVital science.

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How old do you have to be for SeroVital to work properly? I’m 30, would it be a good fit?

  • SeroVital has been shown to work for a wide range of adults, both women and men! By the age of 30, natural hGH levels decline dramatically. It is a great age to give SeroVital a try!
Why does hGH help you sleep better?
  • A large secretory pulse of growth hormone (hGH) occurs during slow wave sleep, a key phase of the sleep cycle during which the body repairs itself. However, slow wave sleep decreases markedly with age and is associated with the overall decrease in the amount of growth hormone during the night.
What is the one best thing I can do for my skin?
  • Two things! 1. Skin protection (SPF, UV Avoidance, Protective Clothing, Avoiding Air Pollution & Damaging Skincare Products) 2. Have a healthy lifestyle (hydration, healthing eating, restful sleep, active lifestyle, and stress mitigation. And high-quality skincare products and supplements can be used daily to support the health and appearance of your skin!
How can SeroVital help with my immunity?
  • hGH is associated with supporting your immune system by nourishing the thymus, which is our immune organ that makes the body’s t-cells (the army of soldiers that search our and destroy invaders).
What can I expect from a product like SeroVital?
  • SeroVital has been clinically validated in increase natural production of hgh levels in the body. Healthy hgh levels have been associated with more restful sleep, lean muscle mass, mental acuity, increased energy, and stronger skin.
What does hgh do to the body? Why do I lose it over time?
  • Hgh is a peptide hormone produced and secreted by the pituitary gland that is involved in a variety of physiological process, including energy metabolism, bone and muscle development, and protein synthesis. With age, the amount of hgh secreted by the pituitary decreases markedly. Low levels of hgh have been associated with several aspects of human wellness that are known to deteriorate with age, including sleep, mood, libido, cognition, endurance, physical performance, skin, bones, and joints.
I love the SV hand sanitizers, why does it make my hands so soft?
  • SeroVital hand sanitizer not only effectively helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria… but is formulated with skin quenching glycerol, propanediol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin e to help balance the skin for optimal softness!
How are weight gain and aging related? Why is it so hard to lose weight when you get older?
  • Weight gain is complex, and the biological reasons that underpin excess weight or impaired weight loss can have multiple factions. However, hormones are known to play a significant role, especially ones we start to lose as we age. For instance, hgh promotes the breakdown of body fat (lipolysis) and inhibits the generation of body fat (lipogenesis), but our levels of hgh decline dramatically as we get older.
I take SV before bed all 4 capsules…should I split it take 2 in am and 2 in pm instead?
  • You’re doing it right! SeroVital needs to be taken: as a complete 4 capsule serving all at one time on an empty stomach with a full glass of water daily. That way you ensure all benefits (because this is how the product was used in our clinical trials!)
Are there any serious side effects?
  • SeroVital works with the body to support natural levels of hgh. In the clinical research, no adverse events were reported by the study subjects in relation to the supplement, and no other tolerability or safety findings were observed.
Which is best for first time user reg SV or Advanced?
  • For a first-time user looking for rapid results, I definitely recommend the Advanced product. SeroVital Advanced is uniquely designed to help maximize the benefits of hgh for accelerated results. It includes a Morning Blend as well as the Full potency, Patented SeroVital formula. The Morning Blend is designed to optimize the body’s response to the hgh benefits of SeroVital by delivering targeted nutrients and specialized ingredients that have been shown to reduce body weight, waist circumference, and cravings, improve structural and functional aspects for the skin, and help promote energy, focus, and mood.
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