Take It Off! 6 Ways to Feel Better Naked

A group of women in their underwear, smiling and celebrating their unique and beautiful bodies

By Jae Curtis

In honor of Sexual Health Week, we’re here to remind you that your body is a work of art. No, really! No matter your shape, size, the number of scars, or the presence of stretch marks, you have to admit that the human body is pretty amazing. It tells a story. It makes you move. It can create life. It gives you the ability to strut, smolder, laugh, hug, cry, and work.

Of course, even with a deep appreciation for your body and all its talents, you might still find yourself feeling bashful about seeing it in all its glory. If this sounds familiar, you deserve to feel better naked. Knowing you are more than the sum of your perceived imperfections is a power move, so try these tips to up the ante and show your body the love and gratitude it has earned.

1. Focus on What You Love

No one is perfect. We’d be willing to bet that even world-famous lingerie models have insecurities about their body. The trick is to banish the idea of “imperfections” and start thinking more on what you love about your body.

Try this exercise: Stand naked in front of a mirror and say three things (out loud!) that you love about what you see. Maybe you have sculpted shoulders that look great in a tank top. Maybe you love the way your legs look in shorts. Maybe you have a nose that a 20-something influencer would kill for. Chances are, there are things you love, so bring them to the front of your mind and stop giving attention to the areas where you feel less confident.

2. Get Your Groom On

Think about someone you find attractive. What we perceive as attractive isn’t always a perfect face or body, but a person’s overall grooming. Shiny hair, clean nails, and a gleaming smile can be a big part of what attracts us to someone. Find what you like in others and focus on that for yourself. These small things can get you on the fast track from showering in the dark to showering yourself with compliments.

You can’t always change your insecurities, but focusing on things you can improve can be a huge confidence booster. Taking a hair supplement or making that long-procrastinated dentist appointment can be more effective in changing your attitude about your body than you might think.

3. Get Glowing

The old saying, “if you can’t tone it, tan it!” rings true for many of us. Adding a little color to your skin can really disguise those things you may be less than thrilled about. As women, it’s easy not to love our extra cellulite, body fat, or uneven skin tone. While we’re all working to be more confident in our own skin, keeping our favorite sunless tanner on hand for a naked body booster can help. Don’t have time for the self-tanner process? Choose a moisturizer with light reflectors in the formula; it’ll give you a glow and bounce light off your body, so you feel like a goddess.

4. Brush Up

Dull, dry skin can make you feel insecure. After all, skin is your largest organ and when you’re naked, there’s nowhere to hide those patches that need some extra care. That’s why we love dry brushing as part of your “feel better naked” routine. Dry brushing is a super effective way to exfoliate and prep your skin for moisturizer and self-tanner, and it can also help reduce cellulite and increase blood flow to the skin. A dry brush is inexpensive and using one for a couple of minutes morning and night can result in major benefits. Simply start from the bottom of your body and brush up toward your heart in long, smooth, strokes. Do it before you hop in the shower for skin you love to show off.

A woman dry brushing her leg

5. Drink Up!

Water is an unsung hero when it comes to boosting your naked confidence. You probably know that water can help your skin look radiant, but it can also help debloat your body—perfect for after an indulgent meal or during your period. If plain water doesn’t sound appetizing, try adding some diuretic fruits for flavor and extra debloating power: we love cucumber and melon for a refreshing drink that’s great for your body.

6. Invest in Your Signature Scent

When you smell good, you feel good. A signature scent that makes you feel powerful, sexy, happy, or fun can really boost your mood and your confidence when taking it all off. Think about how you want to feel when you’re naked and choose a scent that helps you feel that way. If you’re looking for something sensual, a spicy, musky scent is ideal. Flirty and romantic more your vibe? A floral perfume with jasmine notes can help get you there. Need to boost your mood? Opt for bright citruses. Spritz on your signature scent before you strip down for confident vibes sans clothes. Think of it as an invisible accessory.