Style is All About This One Thing, Says Fashion Blogger

By Guest Author: By Shauna Robertson, Chic Over 50

I get so many women (mostly women) asking about my "expertise" on style and fashion. Sometimes I feel like an expert and other times not. I mean I've never been formally educated on fashion, it has always just been a LOVE of mine. Even from the earliest of years.

I remember being four years old. Our family was going to go see the movie Sound of Music. We hardly ever got to go to the movies, so this was a very big deal! I was beyond excited and remember thinking about what I would wear! I chose a red corduroy dress that had a red plaid yoke. My hair was cut in a bob style with the ends curled. I felt so cute in that dress, which by the way, my mom had sewn for me!

From the very young age of four, I was thinking about clothing and style! When my mom finally brought home a sister for me, after three brothers, I was so excited to have someone to dress and do her hair! Fashion is just part of who I am, which has now led me to creating my blog... creating a brand and a business and becoming a #LadyBoss!

I still to this day, think long and hard about what I'm going to be wearing to different events. I think about what I'm wearing just around the house! I LOVE everything about fashion, but mostly I LOVE... BEING THE BEST I CAN BE!

When I think of "my style" I think of COLOR, PATTERN, and anything BOLD! I'm not afraid of much when it comes to fashion, however since I've gotten a bit older I do think more about whether or not my style and look is age appropriate. Some of you out there may not care. I can't say that I care 100%, but I do care about if I feel CONFIDENT or not. It's all about the word CONFIDENCE!

I tell women all the time that if they feel confident in something, then they will probably look good in it. There's a story I like to tell about a woman I met once at a tennis tournament. I've told this story many times, but it's worth repeating because it's a great example of the power of confidence.

This lady was in her 70's and a little thick around the middle. She was very typical of what a 70ish year old woman would normally look like. She came one day, in a tight white sort of stretchy dress. She was very well groomed and put together. Her hair and makeup were beautiful. It was just the dress that I thought was a bit tight on her.

As I got talking to her and getting to know her throughout the week of tennis, she was JUST FINE with the way she looked. Her confidence really changed my mind about the tight white dress. She wore it with so much confidence that somehow it worked. Her confidence was contagious!

I LOVE to wear hats. Women say to me all the time, "How can I wear a hat and feel comfortable?" I tell them that if they don't feel comfortable then to not wear one! There is something about confidence that can change EVERYTHING! Pay attention to WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL CONFIDENT. What is it about your outfit that makes you feel good about yourself?

So I'm not sure if my expertise on style and fashion will help you. I'm just a girlie girl who loves to dress up, wear pink, and shop for lipstick ANYTIME. I love being a girl and love what fashion and style do to me. When I take care of myself I feel incredibly empowered! I feel so empowered in fact that it truly does help me get through the hard things of life!

The purpose of my blog is to help women feel encouraged to find their style and ROCK IT! It's never EVER too late to experiment with clothing, makeup, or hair styles! GO FOR IT FRIENDS! It can be so much fun!