The Worst Habits That Affect Your Beauty

By: Holly Case, Freelance writer and mom of 3 boys

Genetics play a big part in our beauty. You can’t significantly change the way you look (without plastic surgery, that is). But there’s a lot of common bad habits that could be holding you back from looking your absolute best. Look out for any of these beauty-busting habits. A few positive changes could make you look even more fabulous!

Skimping on Sleep

It’s hard to resist the urge to binge watch a show on Netflix, even if you have work early in the morning. And if you have kids, staying up late can be the only time you get to yourself. But too many late nights will definitely take a toll on your looks. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body increases levels of stress hormones and decreases production of skin-repairing collagen.

Overindulging in Alcohol

A lot of moms love to unwind with a glass of wine. But one glass of wine a couple times a week can easily turn into two or three glasses every night. Regularly drinking alcohol can leave your skin dehydrated (and can lead to weight gain, too). Try swapping a glass of wine for a bubbly La Croix instead for a calorie-free treat.

Not Managing Your Stress

Stress doesn’t just affect how you feel—it also impacts the way you look. Unmanaged stress means you might be furrowing your eyebrows, scowling, or even changing your breathing. All these habits can create fine lines and wrinkles. Take a few deep breaths to chill out. Maybe consider taking a yoga class, too.

Using Sketchy Makeup Supplies

Your makeup may not have an expiration date, but that doesn’t mean it stays good forever. Makeup can grow bacteria, which then gets transferred to your face. That can lead to nasty breakouts. Mascara only has a shelf life of a couple months once it’s opened. Make sure to throw out your makeup after a few months, and don’t use a friend’s makeup, either. Wash your makeup brushes every few months, too.

Wearing Makeup Every Day

Your skin needs to breathe once in a while. If you wear makeup every day, your skin doesn’t get the benefits of going bare. That’s even truer if you sleep with your makeup on, or put new makeup on top of previous makeup that wasn’t washed off! You’re gorgeous just as you are, so give your natural skin a chance to be free.