Real Women Experienced

Month 1

Improved sleep

“Recently, I read an article about SeroVital and I figured why not give it a try. To my amazement, from the day I started taking SeroVital, my sleep improved dramatically...”
– Dulce A.

“Fantastic! Loved it so far. Been using it for about 3 weeks. Seen fantastic results. Having more energy and sleeping much better.”
– JT

“I was skeptical, but after about a month I realized I wasn't so tired all of the time. Then the compliments started and now I’m hooked!”
– Barb

Month 2

Boosted energy

“I have been taking this for just over a month and I have a ton more energy… Friends told me after the 2nd week my skin around my eyes looks so much firmer. This really works and [is] worth the money.”
– Christine J.

“I just want to say after beginning SeroVital 2 months ago, I have had no problems falling asleep or staying asleep... SeroVital has helped me fall asleep and stay asleep…”
– Jackie B.

“OMG! I love it… I have been using SeroVital for about 5 weeks and I can already see a huge difference! I’m starting to feel so much better about my appearance since I have been using it!”
– Marianne

Month 3

Increased muscle mass
Improved mood

“I am on my third box of SeroVital-hgh. I am 55 years old and I have noticed more energy, better sleep, better muscle tone, and better-looking skin… I am a believer.”
– Laurie L.

“I just turned 55. I’ve been taking SeroVital for 3 months. Around 2.5 months, I began seeing impressive results. I have more energy, especially to work out! I feel like I’m 30! I look, move, and feel better. SeroVital is working great for me.”
– Michele M.

“On my third month taking this wonderful pill. I'm almost 40 years old and mother of 5 beautiful children and I feel and look great thanks to SeroVital!”
– Holly P.

“Love this product! SeroVital gives your face a youthful look, your body a lean and trim look and feel, and a boost of energy. Lifts up your mood. Love this!”
– Julie

“WOW! What a difference a few months can make! I am almost 60 and look like I’m in my 40s! Skin is baby soft… crow’s feet gone... SeroVital allows me to be me again. Thank you, thank you!”
– Karen

Month 6

Reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
Radiant skin

“I just turned 70 and was going to treat myself to a facelift. After taking SeroVital-hgh for six months, I look and feel so much younger I decided I didn’t need one!”
– Connie L.

“My husband and I started using SeroVital several months ago and the results are absolutely unbelievable! I just got back from my 50th high school reunion, and… I felt healthy, attractive, and full of energy. So many commented that I had not changed and looked so young! I cannot say enough about this incredible addition to our lives. We are BELIEVERS!”
– Stephanie G.

“I have been using SeroVital since April and am very happy to say I was bikini ready for our family vacation the end of August... The energy boost is very noticeable and a great benefit [for] working full time and being a mom. The fine lines I was getting have diminished and my skin tone has brightened. Love the product.”
– Janisea P.

“After one month of taking this product, I got compliments and questions: ‘What is different about you? You’re glowing… and [it] looks like you had work done on your face. Your skin is radiant and firm. What are you taking that we don’t know about?’ My figure looked like I was in the gym every day. Toned muscles. A firm derriere like I have never had before. I stopped [SeroVital] during extensive international travel and have started to see the decline. With that said, there’s no bigger skeptic than I, but I’m placing my order immediately. It’s for life. I can’t afford to not take it. It’s everything it claims and then some.”
– Joanne W.

“I’ve been using SeroVital for about 6 months. I found that after a month or so, I had more energy and I also lost some weight.”
– Scott C.

Month 9

Firmer, tighter skin

“AMAZING! I can’t live without SeroVital. I am 63 years old. I have been on it for a little over 10 months... I wanted to give up around my first month or so, but then I remembered that my body takes a while to get used to things. Now my results get better and better the more I take it. Plus, the customer service is full of the nicest people I have dealt with… Will always recommend. I feel like I did when I was in my 40s and sleep like a baby.”
– Bonnie

“I have been using SeroVital for 9 months now and will continue to make a lifetime commitment… I have found that the older I get, the more I have to watch what I eat. Immediately when I started using SeroVital, I noticed shedding a few unwanted pounds. I now eat exactly like I did in high school at 36 years old and never gain a pound. Everyone asks me daily if I’ve lost weight and what my secret is and how I can eat a cupcake a day and I gladly say, ‘SeroVital.’ I’m currently 5’6” and 115 pounds and I’ve never been happ[ier] and healthier. I have more energy than I have in years.”
– Sunni C.

“I have only been taking SeroVital-hgh for a few months but already have noticed firming in my face and upper arms, and increased energy. This has motivated [me] to start doing Pilates regularly. I am also super impressed and pleased with your awesome customer service department. Thank you so much.”
– Yvonne M.H.


♢SeroVital has been shown in a clinical trial to increase mean, serum (blood) growth hormone levels by 682%. All other benefits expressed are the individuals’ personal opinions and have not been studied in relation to SeroVital. Individuals may have been compensated in exchange for their honest review. Individual results will vary.