TriHydrate Concentrate

Get pure, deep hydration from 3% purified hyaluronic acid in 3 forms optimized to reach deeper epidermal layers in mature skin.

TriHydrate Concentrate

Get pure, deep hydration from 3% purified hyaluronic acid in 3 forms optimized to reach deeper epidermal layers in mature skin.

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The Only Hyaluronic Acid Optimized for You

The Only Hyaluronic Acid Optimized for You


Hydrate and Prep

TriHydrate contains our purest, highly potent hyaluronic acid with a 3%, triple combination for the most effective treatment for dehydrated, mature skin. With novel technology, this broad-spectrum formula distributes hydration from the surface all the way to the epidermis.

It combines 3 forms of hyaluronic acid that offer varied molecular weights. What does that mean for your skin? Lower molecular weights allow the hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the epidermis and noticeably hydrate, plump, and firm your skin, while the higher molecular weight targets the skin surface, sealing in the effects.

Also, TriHydrate perfectly preps your skin to better absorb the rest of the products in your skincare regimen. With a big impact on everything you do for your skin, TriHydrate is your daily essential for younger-looking skin.


  • Our most powerful, optimized formula with 3% pure hyaluronic acid for mature skin
  • Rapid infusion of hydration for visibly plumper, firmer, perfected skin
  • Locks in hydration to noticeably improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 8-hour epidermal penetration proves the formula is actually targeting the deeper layers of the skin
  • Specifically developed to restore youthful hydration for mature dry skin


See How It Works


Pure and Potent

Hyaluronic acid

3% purified hyaluronic acid

A potent triple blend with an advanced form of hyaluronic acid for multi-depth hydration and visible anti-aging results.

Epidermal Cushioning

Epidermal Cushioning Technology™

Exclusive to our skincare, it delivers an instant sensory experience and long-term results.

Cruelty Free


3% hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and visibly hydrate, plump, and firm your skin.

TriHydrate Concentrate

How to Use

Step 1

Step 1

Start with clean, damp skin. This is important, because hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant that draws water into your skin. If there's no water for it to bind to, it will absorb the moisture within your skin.

Step 2

Step 2

Using our unique dosage dropper, simply press the inner button on the base of the bottle to release the perfect amount into the palm of your hand.

Step 3

Step 3

Rub palms together and press gently onto the skin. You will feel your skin instantly firm as TriHydrate penetrates into the epidermis. After 1 minute, apply your moisturizer or the next step in your skincare regimen. Use AM and PM.

The Full Experience

For ultimate results, remove your makeup with the SuperSaturated Restoring Cleansing Cloths, then cleanse and exfoliate with ComfortBead Cleanser. Apply TriHydrate Concentrate, wait 1 minute, and then apply SuddenlySmooth Gentle RetinAll. Finish off your regimen with DeepMoisture Recovery Whip.

The Revitalize Routine


Validated by Science

In 28 days*
  • Significantly moisturizes skin
  • Significantly reduces the appearance of rough, dry, dehydrated skin
In 8 weeks*
  • 91% of users agreed that “skin was more moisturized”
  • 91% agreed that “skin was firmer”
*Results based on the use of a key ingredient in TriHydrate in an 8-week clinical trial.